Tip 1: Finding Your Staple Accessories

When it comes to picking your staple accessories - less is always more. Sure, we all love to throw in some unique and loud statement pieces from time to time (hint: our great assortment of statement earrings), but when it comes to your day to day - you need a handful of items that are more versatile that will subtly tie your look together. Select pieces that will compliment your current wardrobe. For example - think about the neckline you gravitate towards the most. Are you more drawn to high necklines or do you prefer a lower cut? If you lean more towards lower necklines, you will want to choose shorter pieces like our delicate chokers and sliced agate layered necklaces. If you’re in love with the higher neckline trend or are more of a crewcut girl, we recommend lengthening the look with a lariat or our long coin layers and pendant necklaces. Wear a watch daily? dress up your arm with our assortment of layered bracelets stacks. Learn how to build your perfect stack in our tip below.

build the perfect bracelet stack with Mod and Jo

Tip 2: Building Your Perfect Stack

With so many options in our custom bracelet sets, it can be a little overwhelming (and maybe even intimidating) to select only three or five options to compliment your style. When selecting which bracelets to pair together, we consider three important design elements to pick our perfect stack. First, color - wether you’re a lover or color or subtle neutrals, color is the most important design element when building your stack. Choose warm and cool tones that compliment each other, such as the red/orange color family paired with the green/blue family. Also, when choosing colors, we also like to mix in a neutral such as an ivory, white or black to break up the stack. Second, we consider the texture. Wether that be visual and physical texture of the bracelet, we want it to compliment the rest of our stack. We recommend selecting only one or two pieces in your stack with multi-tone gemstones (which have visual texture) or pieces such as our druzy bangle [bracelet F] that introduces physical texture into your bracelet set. Lastly, we consider form, with the embellishments on each bracelet. Will with charms and fringe compete with each other or be too much all together? Consider picking only one or two pieces with larger embellishments/fringe attached to the piece to help balance out your look. Find your perfect set in our bracelet category with our BYOB items. #happyshopping

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